The first blockchein delivery service of food goes to ICO

In September 2018, the food delivery aggregator When Hungry launches its version of the crypto currency — WHY. The company’s own IT platform has been improved by adding ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to it — the ability to use WHY as a system for paying for goods and investing.

And in the near future it will be announced on stock exchanges.

WHY is an innovative breakthrough in the delivery of food. The new currency will very quickly fall into a noisy wave of discussions, where the price for it will skyrocket. Buying WHY will give a huge potential for newcomers more than for experienced investors. As a rule, large investments can be attracted already after the newcomers earned an impressive amount on the upcoming ICO.

Reasons to follow the release of WHY:

  • We have already seen how companies with the online level of the consumer market grow rapidly from 56% in Sweden to 43% in Austria.
  • When Hungry is confident that the category of food delivery will grow in accordance with its category of consumer, which they gain at an incredible rate.
  • The price for one WHY, at the time of issue will be no more than 0, 1 $, but given the rapid development of the project, it will grow rapidly.
  • According to the crypto expert Markush Shidlovski: “90% of the Crypto-currencies that generate innovative projects for the first time, grow in price by almost 10 times in the first year. Crypto-currency delivery of food, especially in Russia — the more is the first in this market “